Summer Bucket List

It’s summer and its time to go CRAZY! Just kidding, but it is a perfect time to have fun with your friends. So, why not make the very most of it! Every summer I make a list a mile long of things I’d like to do and only accomplish half of them. What if i write out my list? Since I am definitely going to want to cross them all off – I will finally be able to complete it! Now you can too!

Check out my 2012 Summer Bucket List:

Say “YES” to everything for a day

Say "YES" to life

Have you have seen the movie Yes Man? Where Jim Carey says yes to everything and has insane adventures because of it? Finally open up opportunities you never knew were possible. Spend the day with your best friend and the both of you will do it together, guaranteeing a day full of laughs, awkward moments, and unexpected experiences!

Ride a roller coaster

If you live in Ontario – go to Canada’s Wonderland and try the new ride Leviathan. Have the thrill of your life and plunge 93.3 metres on the ride’s initial drop at an angle of 80 degrees while reaching speeds of 148 km/h. It is wicked cool and an adventure you can brag to your friends that you have the guts to complete!

Go to a drive in movie

Let your car bring you back in time!

You can drive to a movie theater, or, you could go somewhere entirely more original and fun: the drive-in theater. Yes, they do still exist. Have a whole new adventure with your friends by enjoying your favorite movies, while relaxing in your car – or more likely your parents car. BONUS – no more over priced popcorn, bring whatever snacks you would like!


Have a picnic

Pack an elaborate lunch, go to your favorite park, and just enjoy a nice day out with some friends. This isn’t the craziest and most fun idea out there, but it’s just a sincere and nice time with your friends.

Go camping in your backyard

Enjoy camping with no fear of bears!

Pitch the tent, have a bonfire, and make some memories. Get a small group of friends and just enjoy the great outdoors with the luxury of going right inside whenever you need to. You’ll have fun struggling with your friends to set up the tent and start the fire and it’s nice for you and your friends to have the privacy you want and the whole yard to yourself. So roast some marshmallows, stay up late, and have a good time!

Go out to a fancy Dinner

Get a group a friends, dress up, and go out to a super nice restaurant in the city. Make sure you all look cute and take lots of pictures. It’s a great excuse to dress up and spend a fun night out with your girls.

Go jet skiing

Ride the waves!

Let your adventurous side out, bring your friends and rent a Jet ski. Splash through the water and have enjoy the sun. Be in control of  your fun for the day. Jet skiing is an experience that is guaranteed enthral, and one you will want to do again!


Written by: Francesca McFadden

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  1. Christina says:

    That is a really awesome idea! I need to put one of these together. I imagine many of the things on it we will be doing next week!

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