Oh my goodness. I am SO tired (but happy!) and it’s only the second day! It’s been an absolute blast, and although a bit hectic, a wonderful experience. I’m gonna start right at the beginning, and work my way up to last night 🙂


Heading out!

Heading out!

I was one of the later delegates to arrive (because yay driving). I had waaaay too many bags and my dad wasn’t allowed to help me beyond the elevator, so that was the first of many adventures. In the main room, I was greeted with tons of girls and even more luggage. I went around and introduced myself to most of the girls only to find out most of them knew of me because of social media! From there we were called out in small groups to go meet our roommates and head to our rooms. My roommate, Emily (Miss Teenage West Calgary) is a super cool girl and we quickly found a lot of things we had in common. We also discovered a door leading to the next room… which happened to have too more lovely MTC delegates: Sara (Miss Teenage Northern BC) and Sammi (Miss Teenage South Calgary).

Eating welcome cake with Anastasia :)

Eating welcome cake with Anastasia 🙂

We all unpacked and talked but were soon called for yet another exciting event… THE WELCOME PARTY! We all went back up to the main room where we registered, got some goodies, and ate some food. We got some beautiful jewelry from Bells and Bows, some stylish pink baseball caps, and our pageant shoes! We also took a big group shot as the reigning Miss Teenage Canada (Francesca McFadden if you somehow don’t know her) cut our welcome cake! We had a lovely evening that ended with a relatively calm bedtime… but we knew the day to come was going to be CRAZY.

Day 2

Day 2 was super busy, but lots of fun! I woke up crazy early (nerves I guess?) but had to be ready for 9:30 so I took my time getting up. We skipped doing our hair and makeup because today was photoshoot day and so it was being done for us! We went for breakfast super quickly and then to the artists to be beautified. My wonderful stylist (Keisha from

My photoshoot dress :)

My photoshoot dress 🙂

Saints Cosmetics in Aurora, Ontario) did an amazing job on my makeup, and then my hair stylist did tight little ringlets that relaxed into beautiful waves. I was so impressed and happy with the turnout!

Waiting for our photoshoots!

Waiting for our photoshoots!

Next we went downstairs and changed into our photoshoot dresses. The photoshoot was a bit awkward at first as we settled into a comfortable routine, but by the end I was having so much fun! The photographer was great at giving directions, and I felt like a real model! After that we had interviews (but shhhhhhh. no talking about those!!)

The last thing of the day was videoshoots, which we did with an absolutely hilarious videographer that was quick to help us out and make us feel more natural (because there’s nothing natural about smiling and playing with your hair in dead silence 😛 ). The awkward feeling never really went away, but it certainly improved!


My Ontario girls <3

Finally we were done for the day and had a bit of downtime to relax in our rooms and unwind from a busy day before heading down to the buffet for dinner. It was so much fun to just hang out with the girls and be regular teenagers. I hung out with my roommates as well as Anastasia (Miss Teenage Central Nova Scotia), Mackenzie (Miss Teenage Airdrie), and Hannah (Miss Teenage Halifax). They are all so cute and funny and I’m so glad to have met them <3

Overall, the first two days have been an absolute blast! Thank you to Michelle, Christi, Ryan, Marc, Courtney, Cheskie, and everyone else involved in running this/chaperoning us. It’s been a ton of fun and although the elevators are a hassle, we’re managing.

Until next update,

Xoxo, Cristina


Written by: Cristina

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