IMG_20150806_095809788We got to take turns playing and taking pictures with the cubs, but they got really tired by the end and had to go for a nap. In the meantime, we had the joy of meeting Maurice… a ring-tailed lemur! A total cutie, Maurice was great at following commands like sit, shoulder (as in jump on my shoulder), and jump. SO ADORABLE. After that, we got an hour to roam the zoo and see other animals. I was with a couple of girls who had never seen a zebra before, so it was so funny to see their faces as we reached the zebra enclosure. My favourite part was visiting the llamas and getting to feed them. Overall, the zoo was incredible and I seriously want to go back soon.

Next we went for lunch at the Eaton Centre, which you can read about in another post. This was a ton of fun and I felt like a celebrity as we walked around the mall. Lots of people stopped to stare, take pictures, or talk to us. The funniest moment was when a group of teenage boys came to a couple of 11855411_1013978571967396_1259882892_nOntario girls and said “We’re from British Columbia and have an assignment to take picture with something relating to Ontario. Can it be you?” It was so funny because we seriously doubted there was an assignment, but we didn’t mind. I love taking pictures with people! After this mall, we moved on to another… Yorkdale Mall! They were so wonderful in sponsoring us with little gift cards and VIP cards. Thank you so much to them! I used mine to buy chocolate 😉 Aha we took lots more pictures there and did a bit of quick shopping before we realized we were quite hungry and wanted dinner!

Dinner was legit my favourite part of this week so far. We went to Medieval Times, the coolest restaurant in all of Toronto. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s basically dinner and a show set in medieval times. All the servers are dressed as wenches and there are jousts happening as you eat dinner (WITH YOUR HANDS!!).

This photo is dark but shows the half a chicken we had to attempt to eat without utensils

This photo is dark but shows the half a chicken we had to attempt to eat without utensils

Each section of the restaurant has a colour, and you have to cheer as loud as you can for the knight with your colour. We took it a bit… far. We were in the red section and we went crazy cheering for our knight. Eating the meal was hilarious because there were no utensils and some of the girls were unsure of what to do. Personally, I didn’t mind it and found it kind of fun!

The day was absolutely wonderful and I hope all other future MTC girls get such a great experience. The hugest of thank yous to our chaperones and lovely sponsors for making all of this possible – we truly appreciate it!

Xoxo, Cristina

Written by: Cristina

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