I apologize for lack of pictures, but it is just too crazy right now and pics are so time consuming. Hope you guys can forgive me!

Ahh sleeping in. What a beautiful thing. We woke up nervous but excited for the evening that was to come. We went down for breakfast and then to the ballroom for rehearsals. After a couple hours we switched to the top floor for a seminar with the lovely Melinda Shenkar (from Degrassi!). She did an amazing little presentation about confidence and self esteem, as well as how to express and take care of yourself. Next her and her friends showed us some makeup techniques and how to take care of your face and body.

After that we went to a yummy lunch of pizza from Panago and then back to rehearsal. That finished pretty quickly and we had some free time to practice walks as we were taken to get our bathing suits. I ended up with a nice black suit, although I saw some beautiful blue and pink ones too! We also had to start getting ready for hair and makeup, but we soon found out we were seriously lacking in makeup artist. Ruh-roh… There was a bit of a panic, but we realized it would be a-okay.

Show night. Oh my gosh. Well it started super late, but that’s okay because we looked fabulous! The show itself was a ton of fun once I got past the nerves. I think I did a pretty good job, but we’ll see tonight 😉 I am so proud of all my girls for doing an amazing job l, and I can’t wait to see the results!

Talent Gala
The day started off pretty chill, with a normal wake-up call for breakfast. We spent most of the day in rehearsals with Shawn and James (both are fabulous choreographers!!) which was super fun. At 5 we were released to get ready for the evening – the gala! I wore a long yellow gown with gold detailing (thanks mummy!) and I absolutely loved it! The show itself was amazing and I am so in awe of how talented each individual was. No matter the outcome ladies… You killed it! The show ended just before midnight, and we were taken up to floor 12 for a surprise – a gift bag with products from our sponsors! That was super fun, but we were so exhausted and just wanted to hop into bed. Now we’re heading out to the show location to practice! Wish me luck!

Xoxo, Cristina

Written by: Cristina

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