Yesterday was preliminaries for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. It was a lot of fun preparing for the big night, but also quite tiresome (especially for our feet). We once again got our makeup and hair done by the official Miss Teenage Canada hair and makeup sponsor. Both the day and night flew by tremendously fast as we were rehearsing our different walks, bathing suit and evening gown, and opening dance for the big show on Saturday, July 26th at 9pm at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in the Exhibition Place.

With some of my close friends, Katie and Kaylie, from Ontario!

Even if do not advance in the national pageant it is okay because I am very grateful to have this once in a lifetime experience to enjoy a week with amazing young ladies from across the nation. I am quite lucky to be a Canadian who has food, water, clothing, housing, great health care and an education compared to so many millions of people around the world who have so very little or nothing. The pageant will be tomorrow and I am so sad that it has come to an end, but also happy that it happened!


Peace Out!


Written by: Ronnie

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