To sum it up in a word… REHEARSALS! We spent all morning and afternoon with our amazing choreographer learning how to walk and the dances for this weekend’s shows. It was lots of fun, but so much work! People often underestimate pageant girls – think walking in stilettos is hard? Try dancing while also smile and looking like you’re not in pain! We got occasional breaks, but oh boy were my feet tired. After rehearsals, we were in for the biggest treat yet! WE GOT TO GO OUTSIDE! Now, this may not seem like much until you remember we had yet to leave the hotel since arriving. We were eager to go out, even if it was just to the restaurant down the street.


Dinner with the roomie!

At Lone Star we sat in booths and tables chatting with one another and eating fajitas. It was wonderful to get to talk with people (specifically Mackenzie, Alysha, Emily, and Kayla) and not worry about various pageant things. The staff were super awesome and everyone else in the restaurant couldn’t stop staring (not that I blame them. I’d do the same!) The night ended early, with just the warning that we would be called at some point for a dress fitting. My floor was eventually called and we piled into the elevator with two other people and all the MTC gals. We went up a couple floors… and then stopped. The elevator broke as we were on it, and one of the gentlemen on the elevator with us pried open the doors as our chaperone called the emergency button. We were saved pretty quickly, but it made for an eventful and kind of scary night! (It ended positively though! The dresses are beautiful!!!)




WE WENT OUT. AGAIN. Today’s adventures started bright and early, before we’d even had any breakfast! We hopped on the buses and drove to an adorable diner called Egglicious, where we have eggs (duh), bacon, potatoes, and buttered bread. It was delicious and the staff was so friendly. I loved talking with them all, as well as my wonderful tablemates. Of course, the day had just begun. Next we went for a scenic walk along the river and made our way to the Mississauga Canoe Club where we were greeted by some enthusiastic staff that were excited to teach us all about dragonboating! We went in 4 separate boats of 20 (two at a time) and got to play games and race. It was hilarious because we had a sing-a-long with Francesca to help our boat keep the rhythm. Surprisingly it worked, because we won every race!


My girls: Ana (C) and Isha (R)

After that adventure, we were told we’d have an hour or so to change and get cleaned up on the bus before arriving at our destination for dinner. Normally I don’t like surprises, so it was quite interesting to not know what to expect. However, as an Ontario girl it became pretty obvious where were going as we passed by Hamilton. NIAGARA FALLS! Apparently it’s the first year they’ve taken girls, so I felt quite honoured!

In Niagara Falls we went to a super cool magic show at the Greg Frewin Theatre. It featured tigers, parrots, dogs, and all sorts of other animals. I couldn’t figure out how any of the trucks worked and sat with my mouth open in shock the entire time. We also had a wonderful buffet while we were there and talked to a lovely family from the United States. The night was so much fun, but it wasn’t over yet!

The falllls

The falllls

We were in for a surprise…THE ACTUAL FALLS! We didn’t have a lot of time because of the drive back, but I know the out of province girls loved it. Personally, I’ve been several times but it was nice to be able to take pictures and laugh at the girls’ amazed faces. After we finished there we got back on the bus to drive home and most of us fell asleep. When we arrived at the hotel we were told of the next day’s plans… A petting zoo! I already knew the plan, but I was still just as excited! We all fell asleep quickly, dreaming of the fun day we had in store.

(To Be Continued really soon… aka as soon as I finish writing! Xoxo, Cris)

Written by: Cristina

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