Hehe. We're almost the same height (when I have heels on)

Hehe. We’re almost the same height (when I have heels on)

Let me just start off with a quick little intro for the rest of you! For those that don’t know, today is my dad’s birthday! (I had to decide if I wanted this posted for father’s day or his birthday, I went with the latter). Dad’s also one of my biggest pageant supporters, and I definitely couldn’t do it without him. Moving on…

Dear Dad,

Let me just start off with a thank you. Thank you for teaching me all that you have and making me the person I am today. Thank you for always tucking me in, helping me with my homework, driving me everywhere (literally everywhere, since nothing’s in walking distance), and being a pretty awesome pageant dad 😉

11535424_1018804764798407_365302646_oI always joke that having Father’s Day and your birthday so close to each other is so annoying, and in way it is. But at the same time, mum, Sor, and I get to make this week extra special to you, because let’s be honest – you deserve it. Not many dads are so involved in their daughter’s lives as you have been with me and Sorina. Growing up, you were always there for us and you continue to be everyday.

Some of my favourite childhood memories are spending time with you. My window sticker collection from ballet class, bike rides around the block, endless games of Dominoes, Mastermind, and Connect4. You were always there to support me, but you were also there to make my childhood the best you could.11642043_1018804814798402_243257254_o

I can’t even begin to explain how much I appreciate all the you and mum have done for me, nor will I ever be able to thank you enough. Just know that I love you to the moon and back. And that your dad jokes are absolutely terrible. And that I will never stop correcting your pronunciation.

Xoxo, Prichindel/The favourite child/Cris

Someone's a little rascal...

Someone’s a little rascal…

Written by: Cristina

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