Hey everyone!

My name is Ronnie from Toronto, Ontario. I am 18 years old. I joined the pageant because from October 2011-May 2013 I battled anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and clinical depression. During this period, it was incredibly challenging, but it also made me into the young woman I am today.

One thing that kept me going when I was dealing with my mental health challenges was keeping busy! I was apart of numerous clubs and sports teams at my high school, Harbord Collegiate Institute. One club that will always be important to me is Stop The Stigma. Stop The Stigma is a committee driven to raise the awareness of mental health within Toronto high schools. The club was so meaningful to me that I became a speaker in the executive Stop The Stigma committee for the Toronto District School Board. I went across the city participating in Stop The Stigma assemblies telling my story. Unfortunately, this year’s executive committee was cut due to the lack of the school board’s budget. Instead, I decided to apply to the Miss Teenage Canada pageant so I could continue to tell my story. I was able to overcome so much in my life and I want others to feel like how I am to this day.

I aspire to become a police officer in the Emergency Task Force (ETF). More so specifically, I want to become a negotiator who deals with high risk situations because I first hand understand crises as I have dealt with my own. I plan to continue being a role model for my career. Life is so important to me! Embrace it! Love who you are before you love others!

Peace out!


Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2014

Written by: Ronnie

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