Hey everyone! My name is Sahia and welcome to my blog! I’m a finalist from London, Ontario and I am beyond excited to be able to share my experience to the Miss Teenage Canada National pageant with all of you! As some of you may know, I was 1st Runner Up at the Miss Teenage Ontario 2017 Pageant, therefor crowned the new Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017!

A bit about me…

I was born and raised in Colombia. I lived there with my Mom and Dad ( and soon after welcomed my little brother into our family). At the age of 7, my family and I fled our home and were sponsored as refugees to come start a new life in Canada in hopes for a safer environment and brighter future. I was blessed to be able to grow up bicultural, being able to experience two different worlds in one. Now I’m not going to lie, having to leave all your family and loved ones behind and start a new life wasn’t easy. I had to adapt to a new environment and way of life, learn a completely new language, and start fresh. Luckily, with the help from my supportive family and newly made friends, it was an experience that I’ll always be proud of myself for overcoming!

Moving here, I promised myself I would make the most out of this milestone in my life and take as much advantage out of it as I could. I enrolled in a French Immersion school in seventh grade, in hopes of expanding my knowledge and love for languages, while also attending Korean School for two years as well. Since my early childhood years, I always had a passion for the arts. Visual Arts, Acting, and Dance was something I really loved to do. It has brought me to where I most involve myself with within school. Now, at 15 years old, I have achieved things that I never thought I’d be capable of achieving, such as becoming a model, participating in a pageants (which I never thought I’d do), raise awareness on issues I am passionate about, and even manage my own department within my family owned company. Canada has now become my beloved home, and has opened so many doors for me, the possibilities are endless!

Growing up I’ve been a very compassionate person. I always feel for others and enjoy helping those in need. Having to grow up experiencing things that I shouldn’t have had to go through as a kid has inspired me to help those who are going through the same obstacles as I have, and that’s what has lead me to my platform!

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Miss Teenage Ontario 2016/Miss Supranational 2016, Hannah Begovic! She’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, can’t wait to see what more success comes her way!

What is my platform?

As I said above, I immigrated to Canada as a refugee. Going through that experience, I know what it personally feels like to feel excluded and like you don’t “fit in”. Even at one point, I began to start feeling ashamed and embarrassed of my own culture, trying to hide my roots as much as possible to avoid being an “outcast”.

This has encouraged me to raise awareness on the acceptance of diversity and multiculturalism. I want not just kids, but everyone in general to feel accepted and welcomed without having their race, culture, or religion be an issue. I want new Canadians to feel like they can be a part of Canada and its culture, without having to disregard and forget where they came from. Even now, many people experience discrimination, making it more difficult to adapt to and live their lives. Genocide has become a big issue that’s talked upon worldwide, and it’s something that can not be ignored. I believe Canada is a role model nation to the world, welcoming those who are in need, and accepting everyones differences, because that’s what should makes us so powerful and united. Our unification is our strongest attribute.

Behold! The official Ontario finalists for the Miss Teenage Canada 2017 Pageant! Congratulations to all of these wonderful ladies, you guys were exceptional. Congratulations to Miana for winning the Miss Teenage Ontario 2017 title; can’t wait to see you all this summer at nationals!

What I plan on doing with my platform…

To me, having a vision is one thing, but taking action and acting upon it is another.

Now that I have finally received my Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017 sash, I am ready to start involving myself even more within my community to promote my platform and title! I’ve brainstormed a couple ideas on how I can help and volunteer within my community, as well as raise money for Free The Children! I plan to involve myself with helping welcome the refugees and immigrants of my community, and team up with a couple organizations to help those out in need! I am currently planning a fundraiser for the near future, to collect some donations for Free The Children!

Very special thank you to my official gown sponsors, Elle Couture! Go check them out for wonderful dresses for every occasion!

I hope you guys can keep up with me as I continue to represent my title of Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017 throughout my journey to the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant!

Can’t wait to let you guys in on what’s next and hope to make you all proud:)

Don’t forget to follow me on my official social medias to keep track of me and what’s next to come:

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Thank you for reading my blog, and come back soon for more updates!


Sahia, Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017

Written by: Sahia

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    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a high risk determination great post!

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    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a bad conclusion outstanding post!

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    Stunning story there. What happened after?

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