There are so many new ways these days to help our earth become a greener place. Companies are starting to change their ways and become better for the environment.

Green buildings are buildings that are built to a higher standard such as increased energy and/or water efficiency, enhanced waste management, renewable energy production, etc. An example of a green building would be one with a white roof or flat roof. A white roof is engineered to reflect the Sun’s heat and a flat roof is made to be waterproof. There are an increasing number of buildings in Burlington and surrounding areas, that have some or all of these green features.

These are some examples of green buildings and other steps people are taking to becoming a greener Southern Ontario:

1. The Burlington Performing Arts Centre 

This new building to our community has been built with a ”Cool Roof”’, it helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from a building, reducing roof temperatures. So that the building is cooler and the air conditioning will not be necessary as often. They have also reduced their potable water use by 20% (drinking water).

2. Oakville Public Transit  

Oakville is making public transportation easier to access so that more people will be drawn to using it instead of everyone driving separate cars and polluting the air more then they have to. They are making more bike lanes and adding bike racks to the Oakville Transit Buses to encourage people to bike instead of drive. Oakville is offering seniors the opportunity to ride free on their buses on Monday also.

The rooftop of a Mountain Equipment co-op in Toronto

3. Toronto Green Roofs

Toronto has taken a modern step towards becoming more green. They have been making a huge majority of their buildings ”Green Roofed”. A Green Roof is when a roof is partially or completely covered in plants and other vegetation. They also may include a rooftop pond, that treats greywater (the water used for laundry, dish washing, and bathing). Toronto is hoping to make green roofs the law in the near future.

These are just some of the ways that our world is keeping the air cleaner, conserving energy and promoting greener lifestyles in young people today.

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