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Just some of the many owl decorations!

In my last post I mentioned going out of town, and for those who were wondering where I went, the answer is Limoges, Limousin! I originally planned on making one post for this weekend, but I realized that I took waaaaay too many photos of the porcelain and that they deserve their own blog post on them!!

I assume most of you aren’t aware why I’m getting ridiculously excited about porcelain, so here’s why: Limoges is famous for having some absolutely amazing porcelain. Like amazingly amazing.

There were rows... upon rows... upon rows.

On Saturday we went to a very small, personal store with the cutest designs ever. Limoges really likes owls (which if you remember from my post on Dijon, so does Dijon) so that was convenient! All of the porcelain was hand crafted and the detail was astounding. If we’re being honest, my first thought when I walked into the store was “OMG WHAT IF THERE’S AN EARTHQUAKE?!” and I panicked at the idea of all that hard work going to waste.

Sunday we went to an even bigger and better porcelain shop (yes, I know I sound like an old lady getting so excited about china). It was three floors!! This particular store, called Maison de la Porcelaine (which translates to The House of Porcelain) had everything you could think of, from the obvious (plates, cups, bowls, etc.) to the colourful (jewelry, mosaics, wall hangings – all that fun stuff) to the straight up random (magnifying glasses, wine corks, or Christmas baubles anyone?).

The colourful designs are stunning works of art!

The teacups and saucers were my favourite, as my mum happens to own a bunch of antique ones already. Unfortunately, I was limited by what could survive my trip back home. Somehow I still manages to go a little bit crazy with my purchases (NO RAGRETS), and I ended up buying some beautiful things (which I can’t post here, as my family and friends read my blog, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!) that I absolutely love – and hope  they will too.I saw so many amazing hand crafted pieces this weekend and also got the chance to see them being made – it was fascinating! Check back in a few days to see what I did the rest of the weekend (hint: it includes cathedrals, boutiques, food, and a lot of other random things).

Xoxo, Cristina

Instead of my usual selfie/photo of me, here's a porcelain workshop!

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