Good evening everyone!

I’m back from camp and already into full pageant swing! I’ll be making a post about camp sometimes this week, once I get all the pictures uploaded onto my laptop (which will take a pretty long time because there’s so many!) In the meantime, I wanted to tell you guys about an event I went to on Sunday (May 31st).

11390232_439682022867290_3924262707822123330_nThis weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending a fundraiser for a little boy named Luca. Just over a year ago – when he was only 21 months old – Luca fell into a pool and nearly drowned. He spent several months at SickKids Hospital (one of the charities MTC is fundraising for), but he was such a strong little boy and he pulled through.

Luca lives with his parents, Danny and Laura, and his two older sisters. They are such amazing, loving people who work so hard to do the best they can for their little boy. This weekend’s fundraiser included a walk around our town, breakfast/lunch, and event for the many kids that attended. Although the weather wasn’t the greatest, everyone’s happy spirits certainly made up for it!

Throughout the morning I spent there, I got asked multiple times if I was a princess! Many parents didn’t know how to explain what pageantry was, so we kept that story going. One little man, W, came up to me and told me that his middle name was Knight, and that he wanted to give me a hug! (Haha get it. Princess. Knight. LOL)

Anyways, this event really made me appreciate life and all that it has to offer. You never know what might happen, and although Luca and his family are doing the best they can, it’s a tough situation. I am so proud of my amazing community for coming out to support one another, and I hope we can continue to do so.

Xoxo, Cristina

P.S. I have many more events coming up, so check out my Facebook page for more info!

Written by: Cristina

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