Recently I took part in being a hostess at the Miss All Canadian Pageant called The Berry Berry Special Pageant. It was a pleasure to help out with all the mini pageant queens and help them to become a professional.

I was able to help them announce themselves before they did their beauty walk. It was nice to see how excited they were although they were a little nervous, aren’t we all? I loved seeing them in their beautiful dresses and most of all the gorgeous smiles on the girls faces as they walked with grace and class.

Next was talent which brought along the singers and dancers and other talents such as juggling. I enjoyed this part because they all got to show something unique that was special to them so they could shine, doing what they love. There was also a brave young boy that competed in this category which was great too see someone that had the courage to give it his all.

The final competition was outfit of choice. Some of these outfits were stunning dresses from different cultures and some were cute little bunny rabbit outfits. These girls rocked their outfits and showed off their personalities in them. It is a great category to have so that the little ones and the older ones can all show what they like and who they are.

Then it was crowning time so I was able to hand out the gifts and prizes to all of the lovely girls and the wonderful little man. They all did an amazing job and I am proud of them for getting up there and showing everyone what they have. All of them were polite and said “Thank you” which was appreciated by someone older like me to see that they are good children and they will grow up to be a promising generation.


I would like to thank all of the little girls and the little boy who participated because you were all amazing and thank you for being polite and pleasant to be with on pageant day.

I would also like to give a huge thank you to Joanne for letting me be a part of her pageant it was a great day and I would love to do this again.

I will keep you posted with other appearances that I do and can not believe Miss Teen Canada World 2013 is in 14 days!



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