I would like to thank Signature Towels for sponsoring  the Miss Teen Canada World 2013 pageant. Signaturetowels.com supply uniquely embroidered towels for any occasion. They make perfect gifts because they are personal and you can make them specifically to fit the needs of the person. You can order them in any color and design them to be exactly how you envisioned them. Choosing your own font and style makes this gift fun and unique to the individual.

Signaturetowels.com was founded in 2002 by Daphne Kupfer and Alan Domb. SignatureTowels.com is based in Toronto, Canada and services all of Canada and the United States. They only use the best quality materials and all their products are proudly manufactured in Canada.

When we first received this blog assignment I thought I would base my commercial on  dance because my studio Live Dream Dance sells dance attire with their name and logo on it. I thought that I should ask someone I know for some professional input for this assignment. I was planning on asking my dance teacher who is in marketing to help me but her wedding was merely a week away. That is when I came up with a completely new idea. WEDDING TOWELS!

If I was given the opportunity to film a TV spot for personalized bath towels using $250k, this is what I would do:

My commercial would start off with the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony.

Picture yourself in a beautiful valley filled with fresh, lush greenery and the most colorful flowers you could imagine all around you. The valley overlooks rolling hills and mountains in the distance. You can hear the babbling brook that is running nearby.

The Bride and Groom are standing under a dark wood trellis that is covered in vines and small elegant flowers that are giving off a wonderful aroma.

The bride, groom and maid of honor would be played by up and coming young actors. The bride would be wearing a magnificent Vera Wang mermaid style gown covered in lace. Her train is laying perfectly behind her as she looks into the eyes of her future husband.

After the bride and groom share their first kiss they start to slowly walk down the aisle for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. In the background you can hear “Fantasia” by Jessica Williams playing as an older female narrator is saying “A wedding is something you always want to remember like it was just yesterday, so why not have something special to remember it by.”






The camera now pans to the couple sitting with the wedding party before heading to the reception where they are exchanging gifts they have received from one another. The bride opens her gift from the women in her wedding party to see that it is a pair of Signature Towels with one saying “Bride” and the other saying “Groom”. She starts to smile and looks at her husband as if they are sharing a secret.








They look over at her Maid of Honor who is opening her gift only to find a Signature Towel that has her name embroidered on the front in her favorite color. They all start to laugh as they realize that they have come up with the same creative gift idea.





Once again, the narrator starts speaking:

“Every time you look at these towels you will remember the most wonderful day of your life. Even if your wedding day was 50 years ago it is never too late to make memories.  With Signature Towels  you can also order towels to commemorate your anniversary. The towels will always be a reminder of all the great memories that you have shared over the years of your marriage.”

During the above narration the camera moves to an elderly couple sitting in their home surrounded by their family. In front of them is an open gift with a set of Signature Towels with “50 years to forever” embroidered on the front in an elegant gold font.

The commercial will end by the screen showing the Signature Towels logo and the saying from the website: ”The Perfect Gift.”



Where Would The Money Go?

The majority of the $250K budget will go towards creating a perfect wedding scene. I want the scene to represent the ideal wedding for any young bride so they are inspired by this commercial when planning their perfect wedding day.

Not only the location but the ceremony as well would be expensive to create since it would be extravagant and luxurious looking.  The feel of the setting would make the audience associate the towels with the rich and famous and leave them wanting and longing for Signature Towels to be a part of their wedding day so theirs too feels high-end.

The balance of the budget would go towards hiring new up and coming actors to be the bride, groom and maid of honor as well as any extras.

Who Is It For?

This commercial would be geared towards today’s beautiful young women planning their dream weddings as well as to the general population looking for fun and unique ways to celebrate a special occasion. This would be shown through the incredible wedding scene as well as the family gathering that is being held in of a honor a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

I want the people who see this commercial to picture their wedding day with Signature Towels in it. It would provide them with gift ideas for their wedding party and if they did not receive them on their wedding day they might be more inclined to order the anniversary towels so they do not feel left out.

Signature Towels doesn’t stop at wedding towels. You can design them for any occasion including baby showers, birthdays, graduations and many more.

This blog assignment was a challenge for me but I learned a lot about what it takes to market a product and how difficult it really is. I am pleased with how it turned out and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.




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