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Let me just start off with a HUGE apology for the lack of posts lately. I don’t want to make excuses, but I have two anyways. The first is that the blog network’s been kinda silly, and the second is that I’m in school over the summer (first exam’s tonight! wish me luck!)

That aside, I wanted to tell you all about two events I went to a littlewhile ago. So as Shay (Miss Teenage Durham) says, let’s hop into the time machine real quick.


Princess Anna aka ME!

The first event was Stouffville’s annual Strawberry Festival. It’s a pretty huge deal for a little town, and I had the joy of being the guest of honour at the pancake breakfast! I helped hand out pancakes, took pictures with kids, and got to talk to all sorts of people about who I am and what I do. Many residents had heard of me through the local paper  or from past events, but a lot were still surprised that a girl from such a small town could do such big things!

During Strawberry Fest, I also had the chance to fulfill my childhood dreams of being princess (although I do already do so with my current crown!). I got to dress up as Princess Anna from Frozen and spent time with Queen Elsa and Olaf, entertaining hundreds of adorable kids and their families. A lot of girls (and boys) had Frozen themed clothing or toys with them and they were all so excited to show us! I had so much fun, and I would totally consider doing this for the rest of my life :p

1951 Chevrolet Torpedo Back :)

1951 Chevrolet Torpedo Back 🙂

The second event was Aurora’s Canada Day Festivities! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some photos of me at the petting zoo, but that’s not how I spent most of my day. I was a part of the Classic Car Show, where I saw some beautiful cars. My favourite was a 1951 Chevrolet Torpedo Back that was a beautiful Tiffany blue. I also watched the Aurora Teen Idol competition, talked to residents of the town, and played with the adorable animals of the petting zoo.

The cutest donkey there ever was!

The cutest donkey there ever was!

Both of these events were a ton of fun, and I want to say a huge thank you to both towns for allowing me to participate in these events, especially Peter from the Aurora Car Club!

Until next time (which will be really soon!),



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