My latest post is, as you may have guessed by the title, about the beauty that is the outdoors. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time enjoying the warm weather of France. There are a lot of parks near my house and school, all lovely in their own way.

First, is Place de la Wilson. I’ve posted a picture of this park before, where I mentioned being eager to see the fountain turned on. Little did I know that there would be something even nicer before that…. Behold the beauty that is blossoming cherry trees!

On the particular day I went, it was warm and there was gentle breeze blowing. Being the middle of the day it was relatively empty and serene. I took a few pictures and spent the remainder of my time reading and listening to calming music.

Next, Parc de la Colombiere. I think I’ve mentioned this one too. I pass by it every week on the way to the training stadium for gym (where we throw javelins btw!) but up until last week, I never stopped to appreciate it.

Boy do I regret not going sooner! My first time wandering the park was on a warm weekday evening, as the sun was slowly starting to set. Lots of people were in the park, from young lovers, to children and their parents, to teenage friend groups, to retirees. I passed by an ice cream stand, and couldn’t resist the urge to get a salted caramel scoop (it was delicious by the way).

The third beauty isn’t natural nor is it technically a park. It is in fact a little garden space in town. Nestled between two cultural heritage sites of Dijon, Jardin Jean de Berbisey is a relatively small plot of land. It’s got half a dozen benches on the two side walls and planters of cheerful flowers. Although it’s in the middle of the city, it’s on a relatively quiet street and offers a place of rest to all who pass by.

When I first passed by this place, it was on the way to grab lunch with a large group of classmates. I made a mental note to properly check it out and a few days later retraced my steps and returned. I’m glad I did, because it’s such a cute place! Dijon sure has the right idea with these little gardens!

And the final place I’ve enjoyed is actually a part of a museum (Musées de la vie Bourguignonne et d’Art sacré). Now, the building itself is super cool and I’ve briefly been inside (I plan on doing a full tour on Monday) but the courtyard is so cute.

The first time I stumbled upon this place was by accident, and it was during lunch. The museum was closed until later on, but parents were there with their kids waiting. It was such a simple little place, but as those kiddos ran around playing games, it made me really happy.

I promise there were actually children/people in general there. I just try to avoid people in my pictures as much as possible 😉

I’m really glad I found these places. Had I been just a regular tourist, I never would have found these “hidden gems”. Along with a chapel and a bakery/cafe combo, these outdoor beauties have become my go to places when I have free time before returning to school or when I’m in need of me-time.

No matter where I go or where I’ll end up, I will always seek a place like these. A place of comfort and calmness. I think everybody deserves to find a place (or 5) like this. I also think everybody can. You just have to do a little exploring – that’s half the fun!

Until next time!



Written by: Cristina

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