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This summer has been such a wild adventure for me as Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017! I’ve been meeting, attending, and learning so many new things.

As many of you know, a big role that plays in a titleholder’s responsibility is volunteering and helping the community! Volunteering has been  something that I’ve been doing ever since I moved here to Canada. It’s a great feeling being able to help others out and do something for the good.

This is truly such a memorable moment. I hope to inspire young girls to follow their dreams!

So far I’ve attended local events in my city, promoting my title and platform as well as helping the community. The first event that I went to as Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017 was a local fundraiser at my city’s local animal shelter, The London Humane Society. We raised money with a silent auction for homeless animals in need, as well as got to spend time with all of the furry friends at the shelter. I got to speak about my platform and a bit about what the Miss Teenage Canada pageant is all about, as well as took pictures of some of the cats and dogs in the shelter.

I also got to attend the local Mexican Festival! It was such a great experience meeting all the performers and watching all of the cultural performances. I got some time on stage as well to share my experience as Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017 and my platform. It was going great except the huge thunderstorm that soon kicked in!

Meeting some of the great performers at the Mexican Festival!

I also got to spend time at my local McDonalds on McHappy Day! It was such a fun day spending time with all the customers and kids. I had never seen McDonalds so filled! It was hectic but it was worth the while. My absolute favourite part of the day was taking pictures with the little girls, especially when they were so intrigued with questions, asking to wear my crown in pictures! It truly makes you appreciate the value and importance of being a titleholder! With that amount of people showing up at McDonalds that day, imagine how much money all of the McDonalds nationwide raised on McHappy day! Us humans are really able to achieve anything when we all support and help each other out!

Giving younger girls a chance to wear my crown!

My most recent event has been one of my most favourite so far! I was invited by Language Students International and London Language Institute to welcome the international students that have come to London, Ontario this summer to study English. I got to meet so many great people, and got to talk to them about their experiences as students immigrating and coming to Canada! All of their stories were great. I loved seeing them so excited to learn about our Canadian culture, as well as when students from different countries shared their own cultures to one another during the event. It really showed me how important diversity and multiculturalism was, and why I chose to advocate the acceptance of multiculturalism and diversity here in Canada. I got to share my experience so far as Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017, and we all got to enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch!

Spending time with some of the foreign students at the BBQ.

Sunny days call for the best BBQ’s!

I loved volunteering and appearing at all these events. Meeting new people and interacting with new minds, sharing new ideas, and learning about different people and experiences is something that I consider valuable. The more you learn, the more you know. These events helped me expand not just my platform, but my point of views and opinions on many new things! Each person opened a new window for me, teaching something new every time!

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Sahia, Miss Teenage Southern Ontario 2017

Written by: Sahia

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