Hello again! πŸ™‚

Like promised, here’s the latest of my travels in the beautiful France! *Beware… there’s lots of photos!*

Absolutely amazing architecture!

I’m back in the city of Dijon, but the remainder of my time in Marseille was phenomenal! For my second last day, I went out with my exchange partner and her best friend. We went to a museum and the mall, as well as the marina (lots of M’s!) which was super cool!

Ferris wheel by the marina!

Some of you may recognize the ferris wheel photo from my Instagram account, where I post things the day I do them! Everywhere we went had amazing views, and us girls had a fun time walking around and seeing everything.

My last day, we went for a hike and I was in shock at how amazing it was. To get to the path, we had to drive over a mountain, and I’m pretty sure we were going more vertical than horizontal. The path was twisty and crazy and I loved it!

The beach πŸ™‚

We parked and walked the rest of the way, where we ended up at a beach! It was so peaceful and serene. There weren’t a lot of people around, but the few that were had a silent agreement that the main focus should be appreciating the beauty of nature. We took lots of photos, and being surrounded by the mountains and water made me think of just how tiny and insignificant I really am.

"Clear blue water... Hide tide came and brought you in" πŸ˜‰

From there we went on a hike in the mountains and passed by little shacks, paths, and benches. It was like a fairytale! Truth be told, I would absolutely love to live in a secluded area like that, where there is a respect for nature.

These trail markers are so stinkin' cute!

For example, the paths to get into some of the buildings were precarious, but it was so that a plant or tree would go undisturbed, which is great. Not all the paths were marked, but those that were had the cutest red arrows to point the way!

Overall, my week in Marseille was absolutely amazing, and I have my exchange partner and her father to thank. It was a fantastic experience, and definitely a place I hope to see again!


We're kinda weird... oh well πŸ˜‰

Back in Dijon I’ve been spending time at home or out with friends. I met my exchange partner’s brother and his friend, and the four of us have spent a ridiculous amount of time eating candy, watching movies, and playing video games. The other day my host family and I made crepes, and today we did some shopping and sightseeing. A thing I’ve noticed… all the clothes here are super stylish! And Canada really needs to get on board with taxes included, because it’s so much easier!

I’ve had lots of fun during my two week vacation, but I’m also looking forward to going back to school on Monday and having a schedule again. If I get the chance one day, I’ll take pictures of my walk to school, and the massive school itself! Until next time!




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