“But you seem so normal!”

It’s a statement I’ve heard way too many times, and I think it’s time to clear this up. Being a part of pageants makes me unique, and it’s offered me many amazing opportunities and experiences. But I am a normal teenager. Now, I’m not going to lie and say that things aren’t different or busier now that I have a title – because they are. But overall I’m still the person I was a couple of months ago.

Throwback to Xmas. Comfiest onesie ever! And yes, that would be a cardboard box on my head.

My life has never been quite the same as everyone else’s and I love it. Having the chance to do things like the pageant, the exchange, or even day to day things like clubs and sports has made me the ambitious person I am. I wouldn’t be who I was without it, because that’s the way I was raised. I enjoy screenshotting my sisters Snapchats.My parents are hard working immigrants, and my sister is in medical school at just 21… talk about high expectations 😉 But that’s okay, because I know I will succeed.

At the same time though, I had and continue to have a pretty normal life. I go to school and do homework, I hang out with my family and friends, and I spend – probably a bit too much – time listening to music and browsing social media.

These girls are my best friends and I love them to death <3

I think the main reason for this perception (that pageant girls are so perfect and live glamorous lives) comes from blog/social media posts. All the pictures posted show us with our hair and makeup done, dressed nicely and posing to look good. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it also doesn’t show our real personalities. For example, I may spend one Saturday afternoon at a charity event with my crown and sash, but I’ll be spending the night playing (and beating) my friends in video games, listening to music, and eating ridiculous amount of food (mostly candy).

Even at school, I'm weird 😉

So for this post, I wanted to feature the more real side to who I am. My friends may be loud, weird, or strange… but so am I, even if I’m a pageant girl. I embrace every side or me, and I let it shine. Yes, I do professional photoshoots and walk across stages in bikinis and evening gowns, yet I also do photoshoots of weird faces, and I dance in the hallways of my school.

When I mentioned wanting to do this post to my family and classmates the top thing I got asked was if I was sure I wanted to post these photos of myself on the internet. But you see, I have no reason to be ashamed of these photos. They reflect my silly personality and what I’m like a good majority of the time. I asked my friends for permission to include these photos, just in case they weren’t comfortable with it, but they all had responses similar to mine.

We've got waaaay too many selfies like this 😛

To everyone who tells me I seem normal, cool. That’s because I am. Although really… What even is normal? 😉 And just remember… behind every good selfie/photo you see on my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook… there were at least a couple fails or silly faces.

Finally, to those who were expecting my usual posts relating to my glamorous pageant life or life as a student abroad, I’ll go back to that soon. But for now I just wanted to share these little snapshots into the life of a regular teenage girl, because that’s what I’ll always be. It may seem boring to some, however that’s life! 😉

I did in fact take a picture as a Homesense nutcracker.



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