This lovely lady is now sixteen!

Today is my exchange partner’s 16th birthday! I had the joy of having Cécile over for my 15th birthday last October, and now I’m here for hers! Yay 😀

These are my gorgeous new friends! From LtoR: Alexane, Rose, Camille, Ophelié, and Juliette 🙂

We celebrated by having a party on Saturday! She invited a bunch of our classmates to go bowling and then to just hang out at home. It was an absolute blast and I’m so glad I got to hang out with my new friends AND eat cake in one day 😉

Anyways, bowling. Fun fact, I’m not so good terrible at it. I jokingly went up for Cécile’s turn (while her friends held her back) and got her a gutterball. When she went to return the favour, she actually did help me out by getting me a spare! The look on her face was hilarious! Thanks Cecil 😉

Snapchat caption says it all!

During other people’s turns, we were ridiculous. We made lots of commentaries, took photos, and had a generally fun time! Since everyone in France wears scarves, we ended up all wearing one another scarves, and wrapping them around other people’s heads, and just being weird. Back at our apartment we danced to music, sat around talking, and made lots of silly faces. It was definitely one of my favourite memories here so far, since everyone was so happy 🙂

For Cécile’s birthday, I made her a fantastic card and got her “Ghost Stories” by Coldplay. Because we both love that band, as well as OneRepublic, The Script, and other such bands. Being the evil friend I am, I gave her a gag gift (she gave me one tooooo!) of a bag filled with laundry clips. She laughed and admitted she deserved it, since she had given me one filled with folded papers.

B&W photo = automatically artsy... right? 😉

So anyways: to the girl who went from being a stranger to my best friend when she came to live with me back in August, happy birthday! 🙂 Keep being the amazingly weird person I know and love (did I really just say that out loud?!?!). Thank you for everything you’ve done to make my time with you memorable! Hope you loved Canada as much as i’m loving France, and hopefully you’ll be back soon! Have the bestest of birthdays my dear, and enjoy being 16 🙂


Crissy-Crissy 😉



Written by: Cristina

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